Tandera Gordon Setters
We strive to breed a BBB Gordon Setter.
Beautiful dog, with plenty of Brains, and BirdSense
A wee bit of history~

Alexander, the 4th Duke of
Gordon began breeding setters at
Castle Gordon in Scotland in the
early 1800's.  The breed was
originally known as the Black & Tan
or Black & Fallow Setter.  The
name was later changed to Gordon
Setter because all the Black and
Tan setters could be traced to the
Gordon Castle Setters.  
"A dog to hunt upland game, a dog to kiss my
wee children, a dog for a fireside companion
and a dog to brag about in the carriage house
on Sunday morn."

    ~The Duke of Gordon
~The Gordon Setter Comes to America

In 1842 George Blunt imported the first two Gordon
Setters, Rake and Rachel.  He gave Rachel to Daniel
Webster.  They started the development of the breed in
this country.  Gordon Setters were bred as "meat" dogs.  
Their purpose was to help their owner
bring  home the
 so to speak.  They were prized for their
wonderful nose, the ability to find enough game for their
family, with plenty of extra to trade at market for
needed supplies.  
They were hunted in the morning, played with the children
in the afternoon and lounged by the hearth to protect
the house at night.

The breed is still used in the field and is the most truly
dual of the three setters
CH Tandera Philadelphia Freedom JH NA TT CGC
We are mourning the loss of our beloved boy
BISS CH Tandera's Ticket to Ride RE CD NAJ JH CGC
May 20, 2000 -- May 24, 2012
Intrigued?  I would love to show you more!

Meet My Foundation these are the lovely ladies at the core of my
breeding program.  The
Girls  are the young ladies that follow in their
footsteps, and are destined to carry the torch into the future.    
The Sires
are the dogs that have helped make it all possible.  
  Winston is our Shining
Star. He is passing his Beauty, Brains and BirdSense on to his get.  Our
BBB award winners (Beauty, Brains & BirdSense), no longer an all
boys club!

You can see many of them doing agility on the
Agility page.  

On the Rescue page are dogs currently available for adoption in the SE.

Then,  just for fun, check out our
Picture Gallery.  Candids and cute
pictures of Tandera Gordon Setters from all over the country.
Miss Monroe
Painting that hangs in the Dallas hotel